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Finance vs. IT: Time for a Truce

By Bart Perkins It’s the age-old battle—budget against the needs of the IT department. While frustration is understandable, IT leaders need to understand the financial policies that control the way IT buys infrastructure and systems. One tech writer has thoughts on how to move beyond the conflict.

Watch Out for Those Guppies

By Bart Perkins They’ll get you! In the same way that little fish can do a lot of damage if you give them enough time and opportunity, little inefficiencies in your IT department may eventually spell disaster. One tech writer describes several common IT inefficiencies that you must catch before they get the best of […]

Securing Funding for IT Projects

By Bart Perkins Shoestring budgets are a constant complaint of IT leaders, and often, when they are shorted during the annual budgeting process, they feel their only option is to wait until next year. However, if your case is compelling, you can secure IT funding at almost any time; there’s usually money to be had.

Red Flags in IT Purchasing

By Bart Perkins For some IT departments, big purchases are a routine affair. But for others, large buys are more unusual—and that puts them at a distinct disadvantage when dealing with vendors. Here are a few red flags that any IT leader should be wary of when making a large purchase.

How to Save Your IT Job from the Robots

By Bart Perkins Automation is blamed for a lot of job loss, and now robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are able to perform more and more tasks once thought impossible to automate. However, there are certain skills that robots still cannot—and may never be able to—replicate, and those skills are necessary to protect your job […]

Keep an Eye on Your Supply Chain

by Bart Perkins Depending on your IT department’s needs, your supply chain can become incredibly complex, with numerous vendors and multiple considerations, obligations, and regulations. It’s easy for things to spiral out of control, especially at multinational companies.