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Survey Outlines How Employees Engage with Their Company’s Cybersecurity Policies

Though most companies have a written cybersecurity policy, it often remains unclear to the leadership team whether employees are actually adhering to the policy’s guidelines. A quick glimpse of the headlines will highlight daily instances of fallout from lax cybersecurity practices by employees. Researchers at Clutch, a company that helps businesses make better buying decisions, […]

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Cybercriminals Selling Stolen Windows Credentials on eBay

The dark Web serves as a clearinghouse for much of the personal information, company data, and log-in credentials stolen through cyberattacks. However, these clandestine marketplaces are narrowly confined to those willing to engage in criminal behavior to get access to illicit data. Some cybercriminals appear to be branching out and are selling illegally obtained user […]

Google’s Titan Security Key Now Widely Available

You may remember a news item that made the rounds a little more than a month ago about Google prevented phishing attacks on its more than 85,000 employees by changing how they deployed two-factor authentication (2FA). Rather than relying on one-time codes sent via text or through an authenticator app, they began requiring employees to […]


A Reminder That Social Engineering Takes Many Forms

Sometimes when you’re working in a high-tech space, a low-tech solution might be just what you need to solve a problem. Apparently, the same goes for cybercriminals. For example, some of the most effective social engineering attacks start with a phone call. This one reported by Brian Krebs is a bit of a head-scratcher, though.

Too Many Ransomware Victims Are Paying Up

By Taylor Armerding Paying a ransom to cybercriminals to unlock your files only encourages them to do it more, experts say. But many victims haven’t left themselves any choice—and it’s fueling ransomware’s explosive growth. Prevention is the key, and sometimes you can get your files back without paying.

What’s the Value of Your Hacked Company?

By Brian Krebs Protection of company data is a chief concern of IT leaders, and for good reason. These digital assets aren’t just valuable for cybercriminals, but they’re also of great importance to business—in fact, their value may be so great that an organization can’t put a price on them.