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Terrorism Response Training Starts with Knowing the AMO

Stopping terrorism in this country starts with vigilance, the effective use of the right security deterrence equipment, and an understanding of these attackers’ motives, their use of preattack surveillance, and what can be done to disrupt, deny, stop, and capture them before they strike.

Chameleon Associates Uses Red Team Approach

The concept of using so-called “red teams” to test the effectiveness of security personnel and equipment is typically thought of as a practice that only the military or the federal government uses. Security professionals who have not worked in those environments may not be as familiar or as comfortable with these approaches. The use of […]

Manchester Bombing Should Put U.S. Large Event Managers on Notice

The May 22, 2017, suicide bombing in Manchester in the U.K. continues to remind security practitioners about the difficulty of keeping mass attackers or those armed with explosives away from the perimeters of large events. Screening ticket-buyers at the entrances to sporting events and concerts is only part of the overall security posture. Vendors, transportation […]