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New Trends in Mass Attacks Go Beyond the Use of Guns

Recent workplace violence attacks in the United States continue to show the weapon of choice for mass-attack perpetrators is still a handgun, rifle, or assault weapon. However, for attackers in other countries, especially Asia and Europe, where firearms are harder to obtain, the choice for the most damage in a terroristic attack is the car […]

European Water Utility Hit by Hackers

Water utility networks and control systems were recently targeted by hackers in Europe, highlighting the growing cybersecurity threat to infrastructure. The attack was of particular interest because the culprit was somewhat unusual—cryptocurrency mining software.

How to Manage Cybersecurity Threats and Business Vulnerability

How to Manage Cybersecurity Threats and Business Vulnerability

As businesses adopt a more digital approach, they become prone to cyber security threats and attacks, exposing their business and customers to vulnerabilities and risks. Cybercrime and malware advance and innovate along with technology, which is why IT infrastructure services continue to strengthen their systems proactively.

Who Are the Potential Perpetrators of Vehicle Ramming Attacks?

The prevalence of vehicle-borne attacks in Europe over the last few years once had many security professionals in the United States asking daunting questions: “Can those types of assaults happen here? Why have we not seen cars, delivery trucks, panel vans, or even semitrucks used as terror weapons here to this point?” And then, a […]

A Case for Pessimism for the Future of Mass Attacks

Workplace violence and school violence prevention practitioners have been assessing their efforts and speaking with their educational, public, and private sector clients after the attack in Las Vegas. Schools and companies have new fears and are struggling to find the right solutions through training and support from threat assessment experts.

Can Your Virtual Assistant Be Trusted?

Business leaders love their phones, and with the advent of virtual assistants, they also love talking to Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. But can these virtual assistants be really trusted with company secrets? Read on for what IT leaders need to know.

IT Outsourcing Trends for this Year

By Stephanie Overby Over the last several weeks, we’ve been reviewing numerous predictions that may affect IT in 2017, and outsourcing is one area that has the potential to be greatly affected. The very idea of outsourcing may be facing major shakeups—see 10 trends that IT leaders should be watching in the new year.

Be a Digital Winner

By Alison DeNisco Far too few organizations are fully taking advantage of the digital economy, and there is plenty of opportunity for IT leaders to become digital winners in this landscape. Ensure that your digital leadership is successful by increasing diversity, developing executives, and engage in improved digital decision making.