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The Value of Tabletop Scenarios for Your Security Team

The use of tabletop exercises for your security team will require time away from their jobs to do it well. But by putting them into unique, unfamiliar, and even seemingly unlikely situations, in the safety of the training environment, you can learn collectively and finetune the outcomes for use in a real situation.

Eagles: The Latest in Anti-Drone Security

After several incidents of unauthorized drones flying over the presidential palace and restricted military sites, the French air force has deployed a unique squadron in response. Four golden eagles have been trained to intercept and destroy the tiny rogue aircraft.

The Global-Minded IT Leader

by Mary Shacklett IT has become a worldwide, interconnected endeavor, necessitating the cooperation of a diverse array of people and assets. To be more globally minded, it helps to understand the languages, systems, and cultures of those with whom you do business.