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Woman using fingerprint login on her mobile device

Preventing Data Breaches Triggered by Mobile Apps

People in your organization use mobile apps across your network every day, and the sheer number of apps available for them to download to their (or your) devices continues to grow. As such, mobile apps are attractive targets for hackers looking to exploit user’s sensitive personal information. So, whether your organization develops mobile apps or […]

Person using infotainment / GPS in car

What is Your Car Recording About You?

According to a survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans spend close to 300 hours a year behind the wheel of their cars. And for some of us that number is much more. We trust our cars to get us where we want to go safely, but what information does our car have […]

Where Will Facebook’s Journey Take Your Company?

With 2 billion monthly users online, Facebook has gone well beyond keeping friends and family in touch. Now businesses of all sizes feature a Facebook page. Facebook is making progress connecting the world, but bringing the world closer together could expose companies to hackers and viruses.

My House Has Been Demolished. Thanks a Lot, Google Maps

By Hope King Most people have had some sort of issue with their GPS or smartphone map app. However, one woman had a lot more to worry about than a simple wrong turn—a wrong address provided by Google Maps was partly to blame for the erroneous demolition of her house.