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A Clear and Present Danger: Domestic Violence in the Workplace

On Monday, November 19, emergency room doctor Tamara O’Neal was shot outside her workplace, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center on Chicago’s south side. According to sources, the shooter, Juan Lopez, was angry with her over a broken engagement, leading to yet another workplace active shooter situation. While coworkers can be the perpetrators of workplace violence, […]

Security Professionals Can Help HR with ‘Soft Landing’ Criteria

Employees who have been terminated for workplace violence threats or similar security policy violations can feel like their lives are over after they are dismissed. Forward-thinking organizations must have what are called “benevolent severance packages” in place to offer employees who feel they have no hope. This offer of benefits can help the now ex-employee […]

Using a 5-Part Workplace Violence Response Model

Security, HR, and/or a threat assessment team can work together and use a five-step model to manage a current or former employee making threats. As with many dynamic situations involving the threat of workplace violence, there is no one perfect solution. These ideas, especially done in combination, can deter subjects from violence, both while they […]

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How Would a Data Breach Impact Your Small Business?

We hear about huge data breaches all the time. It seems like major companies across retail, manufacturing, and finance make the news once every couple of weeks for exposing customer/client data to malicious actors on the dark web. But what about small businesses? Jim Davis, the editor of the HR Daily Advisor (one of our […]

The Value of EAP Referrals for Troubled Employees

Security professionals may not realize the depth of support they can get from the employee assistance program (EAP) that serves to support their company’s HR department. There are many misconceptions about EAP use, which security directors and managers can help alleviate when talking to employees with behavior issues.

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Employee Handbooks: The Vital Link in a Cybersecurity Chain

When it comes to cybersecurity, two factors are coming together in a worrying way. One lurks in the results of a survey, conducted by the Association of Corporate Counsel, that shows employee error is the leading cause of data breaches. The other was revealed in research carried out by CompTIA, which discovered that almost half […]

Defining Workplace Bullying from a Security Perspective

The concept of workplace bullying gets a lot of coverage these days in both HR and Security publications, blogs, and websites. The problem is hard to define because one employee’s “tough boss” might be another’s “bully boss.” Coworkers can be perceived as bullies as well, by themselves or in groups. To date, no state laws […]

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Accountability is Key When Combating Bullying

In part 1 of this article, HR Daily Advisor editor Jim Davis spoke with Catherine Mattice-Zundel, a consultant, coach, trainer, and Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium 2019 presenter had to offer about workplace bullying, including where it parallels harassment and what the differences are under the law. Today we’ll look at the importance of accountability as […]