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Not Ready to Make the Leap to Blockchain? You’re Not Alone

Over the past year, technology evangelists have pushed hard to expand the adoption of blockchain (distributed ledger technology) for broad-ranging enterprise solutions. What began as a tool to track and verify cryptocurrency transactions has become the darling new technology that will help solve the world’s privacy, security, and financial transaction problems. Despite these efforts, and […]

IoT Security: Five Facts

Infographic: Internet of things Security: Five Facts

Every day, more and more devices are being developed and added to the Internet of Things (IoT). Hannah Merry from IBM suggests that we share a collective responsibility to help make and keep the IoT secure. In the following infographic, she presents five facts that can help you navigate the ever-expanding world of connected devices.

Watson Comes to the Help Desk

Is there anything that Watson can’t do? The supercomputer is now headed to the help desk. IBM’s new Workplace Support Service with Watson adds cognitive capabilities and analytics to help speed IT support time for businesses.

Watson Tries to Keep Leaders from Looking Stupid

It sounds like a job too difficult even for a supercomputer. But one tech writer argues that an AI system like IBM’s Watson could help ensure that U.S. Presidents and CEOs of U.S. businesses apply the hard-learned lessons of their predecessors in order to cut down on future failures and repeat past successes.

SaaS Devours Infrastructure

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become a behemoth in the technology world, and it’s affecting everything IT knows about infrastructure. One writer argues that it’s going to be a bumpy road ahead as companies adapt to serverless computing. Here’s a look at what will happen.

Deliver ROI on Big Data Projects—in Just 6 Months

By Mary Shacklett IT executives (as well as everybody else in the C-suite) are eager to see value from their big data investments. But how do you put a dollar figure on big data? There are plenty of ways to figure out return on investment (ROI). Read on for one tech writer’s exploration of the […]

Data Breaches: They’re Gonna Cost You

By Ryan Francis Of course a data breach is going to be costly, but different factors determine just how much money your company could stand to lose. Take a look at all of the variables to determine your business’s risk and apply it to your ongoing cybersecurity measures.