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How Businesses Can Manage Security Risks from Social Media

Emerging as a key source for online criminals to interject malicious attacks, social media continues to grow and command larger audiences from a diverse group of individuals and businesses. Lurking in the background, scammers are taking advantage of unsuspecting victims in the social media space.

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Study Finds Account Takeover Incidents are Widespread

Account takeover incidents, where attackers steal employee credentials and use them to send e-mails from the user’s real account, are increasing in frequency and magnitude. In this report, we take a closer look at the motives and demographics behind these attacks.

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How Anonymous is Your Online Presence?

Although it is nearly impossible to remain completely anonymous while using the internet, there are certain steps you can take to better protect your accounts against a cyberattack or security breach. For instance, while you’re using a web browser to search the internet, whether that be Chrome, Safari or Firefox, are you aware that it […]

New Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Battles Competitors on Infected Hardware

Cybercriminals are in a constant search for new, innovative ways to profit from their ventures. In efforts to better leverage their illicit activities, more and more are beginning to move away from ransomware attacks, which attract a great deal of attention. It seems the new weapon of choice lies in quietly putting hacked IT infrastructure […]