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The “Do Something” Dilemma in Workplace Violence Threats

Security practitioners can find themselves in a difficult position when they respond to workplace violence threats without a concrete plan, so that senior management can see how they will protect the organization from current or former employees; job applicants; current or former vendors or contractors; the domestic partner of an employee; or a stranger with […]

Attacks on Lawyers Call for a Threat Assessment Approach

Incidents of attorneys being shot or assaulted by angry clients have a long history in this country, as the patched-over bullet holes in courthouses around the United States can attest. Whether these attacks occur on the street (Van Nuys, 2003), in an office (in Phoenix, 2013), or in a high-rise complex (the 1993 rampage at […]

Preparing Your Business for Wildfires

California’s drought may be over, but the wildfire risk is far from past. As temperatures rose last week, fire danger rose as well. A fire that broke out in Sun Valley around 1:30 p.m. on Friday had burned three homes by Saturday morning and prompted an evacuation order for areas around Los Angeles. By the […]

Thanks to IT Automation, Customer Service Is Up to You Now

By Christopher C. Barron Despite many decades of tradition, successful companies are dropping the concept of customer service in favor of investments in IT automation. In doing so, they’ve never been more profitable. But, it’s just one more thing that is now starting to fall into IT’s lap thanks to automation.

Big Data Compliance: The Risk Is Real

By Mary Shacklett Too many IT leaders are allowing compliance risks surrounding big data to take them by surprise, and it has the potential to be a very costly mistake. While the issue is complex, reducing the risk doesn’t have to be. Your IT department can take steps today to identify and address any big […]

Could Social Intranet Boost Productivity at Your Company?

Strong companywide communication helps to boost productivity, flexibility, and collaboration, and having a social intranet structure in place can help aid this communication. One company may have a cost-effective solution for the IT department looking to provide this service to its organization.