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How to Educate the CEO About Big Data

Whenever IT has a big project to complete, it often comes with required executive approvals. However, CEOs (and other managers) are more likely to give the green light to projects they understand. Here’s how to bring them up to speed on data projects.

Managers Must Advocate for Top Talent

Managers, including IT leaders, work hard to make sure that they are acquiring and retaining top talent in order to make their teams the best that they can be. It’s important to never stop advocating; here’s how to go about it.

Making Telecommuting Work

Telecommuting is a popular trend that can benefit both the organization and its remote workers. However, in order for a telecommuting program to succeed, the people, operations, and strategic issues must be addressed proactively.

Dodging Big Data Failures

Big data can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean your next project is doomed to failure. There are ways that project managers working with big data can greatly improve their odds of success.

Terminating an IT Employee

Firing an employee is stressful for everyone involved, including leaders—and IT is no exception. In fact, many termination issues are compounded when the employee in question works in the IT department. Here are a few key factors for IT managers to keep in mind.

Make Your IT R&D Count

Especially for newer leaders, IT research and development (R&D) can be intimidating. There is more to learn every day, and new technologies are evolving constantly. Here are a few best practices that can help you on your path to efficient R&D project management.

Company Climate Surveys: Do They Work?

There is certainly an upside to company climate surveys—feedback from employees can provide valuable insight. However, these surveys are only beneficial if respondents are honest, and sometimes leaders must overcome a lot of fear among employees to get to that level of open honesty.

Using Gamification to Enhance Employees’ Skills

Gamification is making a big impact on the way companies are training and developing their employees. It’s particularly popular among tech-savvy workers, and could be helpful to your IT department. Here’s a look at how companies are using online gaming techniques to advance employee skills and confidence.

Sustainability and IT

By Mary Shacklett More businesses are pushing for sustainable corporate initiatives, and it has given way to a longer view that leverages such assets as the value of digitized information, Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, and optimization via environmental monitoring. Read on to see what it means for IT leaders.