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Providing Executive Protection When the Exec Is Reluctant

It’s common for even presidents of the United States to chafe under the never-ending blanket of protection provided for them, in and out of the office, by the Secret Service. Similarly, executive protection must be thorough but not interfere with the executive’s ability to do their jobs and live their lives in a relatively normal […]

Mexico Homicide Rate Worrying for Business Travel

Besides being a fun tourist destination for visitors from the United States and around the world, Mexico has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most dangerous countries on the globe. With a homicide rate of 23,000 in 2015, it has the world’s worst murder count, with no end in sight.

If You Outsource Any IT, You Need an Arbitration Clause

By Stephanie Overby If you outsource any IT functions or services, a good contract is a must. To avoid litigation and other headaches should the outsourcing relationship not go the way you had hoped, it’s very important to include an effective arbitration clause—especially in cases of international outsourcing contracts.

Technology Finds Solution to Language Barriers

If you work for a multinational organization, you know how hard consistent corporate communication and training can be. A new software solution uses voice translation technology to address the problem, and in one case, the program resulted in a 95% cost reduction in communication.