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Hackers coding virus using laptops.

Peering Into the Cybersecurity Crystal Ball

As 2018 creeps to a close, its time for thought leaders of all stripes to start prognosticating about what the cybersecurity landscape will be in the coming year. It’s a tall order, as this past year brought some complete surprises, including speculative execution vulnerabilities, the rise of cryptomining, the ransomware attack on the city of […]

Cloud Database Growth Is Slowing. Why?

This may sound surprising, as cloud databases are growing in popularity. However, this growth is not as fast as might be expected. What might be behind the trend? Some suggest that fears of vendor lock-in could be to blame. Read on here for more details.

Google, Get More Boring with the Cloud

By Matt Asay When it comes to the cloud, businesses aren’t interested in flashy, edgy, or innovative. They want a cloud service that is practical, predictable, boring, and—most of all—secure. This may be why Google, with its emphasis on innovation, is losing out in the cloud services war.