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Emotional Intelligence Drives Project Success

Emotional intelligence is more than just the ability to demonstrate emotions, but it also includes the capability to empathize with others and make decisions based on multiple levels of awareness. It is key to managing successful projects.

Facilitating More Productive Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable reality of the workplace. However, sometimes is feels like they are too frequent and too long to really be productive. Here’s how to make project meetings work for you.

Project Management Certifications for Free!

Project management is a rapidly expanding field that offers a great deal of opportunity for IT professionals. However, gaining new knowledge isn’t usually easy—or cheap. However, there are many free options out there for project management training and certification.

Fix Your Project’s Scheduling Conflicts

Every project comes with the risk of scheduling conflicts that will create troublesome, unforeseen complications. Read on to see what several project managers have to say about how they avoid these scheduling issues.

What Is Scrum Agile Project Management?

Scrum is a popular agile project management framework that has its own unique terminology and can be applied to software and product development projects. It can be a bit confusing—fortunately, one tech writer has compiled a go-to guide on scrum.

Make Your IT Projects Successful Now

By Moira Alexander According to PMI’s 2017 Pulse of the Profession report, more projects are meeting original goals and business intent and are being completed within budget—for the first time in 5 years. Read on to see what the report says are the keys to this massive project success.

Are Company Politics Sabotaging Your Efforts?

By Moira Alexander The unfortunate reality is that workplace politics are pervasive, contentious, and a constant threat to productivity and success. If you know the most common political games, however, you can take steps to limit their impact and prevent politics from sabotaging your projects.

What Is Agile Project Management?

By Moira Alexander If you’re relatively new to IT project management or you simply want to know more about agile methodology, one tech writer has compiled answers to 10 frequently asked questions that will cover the basics you need to know. Read on to learn more about this popular project management strategy.

Stock Your Project Management Toolbox

By Moira Alexander There are a number of project management (PM) and collaboration tools available today, each with its own merits and pitfalls. IT leaders must carefully evaluate these tools to determine which will best meet their needs and the needs of the business not only today but potentially for years to come.

Managing IT Projects Remotely

By Moira Alexander More workers are telecommuting than ever before, but when it comes to project management, working remotely doesn’t seem like a good option. However, the need for remote project management is very real for many businesses—is your business one of them, and if so, are you prepared?