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NYC Installs Free Online Security

If you live in New York City, it’s time for you to start feeling safer online. Mayor de Blasio recently launched a new cybersecurity initiative called NYC Secure. The program, led by the New York City Cyber Command (NYC3), is aimed at protecting New Yorkers online. It’s the first program of its kind launched by […]

Who Are the Potential Perpetrators of Vehicle Ramming Attacks?

The prevalence of vehicle-borne attacks in Europe over the last few years once had many security professionals in the United States asking daunting questions: “Can those types of assaults happen here? Why have we not seen cars, delivery trucks, panel vans, or even semitrucks used as terror weapons here to this point?” And then, a […]

Highest-Paying IT Leadership Roles

By Sarah K. White IT skills are in high demand, and that goes double for IT leadership experience. With high demand come higher salaries—take a look at some of the highest-paying IT leadership roles to see the range of salary you might expect based on recent research.

I’m Not a Robot. I Just Sound Like One

Are you tired of talking to machines every time you call customer service (or, on the flip side, fielding complaints at the help desk about your automated system)? Well, there’s a chance that voice is human after all—but, as one IT worker found out, it’s not a good idea to sound like a machine.