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Leaving the front door open for cybercriminals

Security Lapse Leads to Massive Leak of Sensitive Financial Information

A server containing a staggering 24-plus million financial documents collected over more than a decade was discovered to be hemorrhaging data. The documents contained some of the most sensitive personal information possible: financial and banking information relating to mortgages and loans written by several banks in the United States. A data breach of this scale […]

Businesswoman Checking E-mail Online on Laptop

If by Free You Mean Personally Liable…

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal exposes just how insecure free e-mail services like GMail, Yahoo, and AOL are. In fact, what the article demonstrates is that if you are a business that is required to protect personal information and you are using GMail or one of these services to conduct business, then […]

TSA Still Not Finding Guns and Bomb Parts in Training

In what sounds like a chilling repeat of reports from years past, recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inspection audits of its Transportation Security Administration (TSA) interdiction functions at our nation’s airports suggest TSA agents at the X-ray stations are still not discovering all of the test guns and bomb parts being sent through.

The Women in Computing Hackathon

Vitech®, a leading provider of software to insurance, retirement, and investment organizations, sponsored this year’s Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Women in Computing “WiCHacks” hackathon event, which took place February 25–26, 2017 in Rochester, New York.

Programs to Jump Start a Cybersecurity Career

By Alison DeNisco The vast majority of IT pros admit that cybersecurity skills are lacking at their companies even though this knowledge is becoming more crucial to business. In response to the demand, many programs across all education levels are looking to boost IT’s cybersecurity know-how.

The Top Cybersecurity Job Markets

Randstad Technologies, a leading technology talent and solutions provider in the United States, recently released its Cybersecurity Workforce Report that reveals 12 markets with high demand for cybersecurity talent featuring data from partner WANTED Analytics. It’s a great opportunity for those in the cybersecurity field.

In IT, On-the-Job Training Is a Must

By Mary Shacklett It’s true that new IT talent just emerging from their education have a great many technical skills—but that doesn’t mean they can dive right in at your company. On-the-job training is crucial for every corporate IT department to ensure systems and methods are used properly.