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Fake Cameras Can Mean Liability

Although it may sound counterintuitive, the only thing worse from a liability standpoint than no security cameras at a site are fake cameras in their place. Business owners or facility managers may not understand the inherent liability dangers of installing fake cameras in the hopes of saving money and not having to monitor or record […]

Keeping Up with Security Equipment Repairs

Maintenance on security equipment can get ignored until those devices fail—and often under the worst circumstances. It’s critical to schedule maintenance and stay vigilant for any needed inspections, adjustments, or repairs, even on newly installed equipment.

Making Data Mean Something Valuable with Analytics

Video analytic tools help capture the full value of the investment made in an upgraded security system. A video surveillance system utilizing the intelligent data from video analytics is more efficient and reduces the workload on security staff. Video gets a bad rap for the amount of data that an enterprise has to deal with, […]