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Essentials for Your Next Security Guard Contract

There can be a substantial disconnect between what a security guard firm offers in terms of staffing a site with its officers versus what the client actually wants. Some clients have completely misguided expectations about what they can get for the fees they are willing to pay. And some guard firms over-promise and under-deliver when […]

The Role of Unarmed Security Officers in Mass Attacks

Security officers who are not armed may be called upon to demonstrate heroic measures in those rare but devastating incidents where an attacker armed with a gun, knife, or even using a car, truck, or van, attempts to kill many employees or bystanders. Although they may not have a weapon, they still may be able […]

OC Pepper Spray for Government Employees

Many public entities are grappling with the issue of their employees wanting to carry OC Pepper Spray for self-defense purposes. Some agencies allow some field personnel to carry OC, especially if they work in higher-risk public or taxpayer-contact jobs in the field, like parking enforcement, code compliance, park, forest, or water rangers, or lifeguards.