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Puzzle Pieces Symbolizing Cooperation

Putting the Pieces Together: Speaking Up to Prevent Mass Shootings

Do you remember the parable of the blind men and the elephant? Each individual forms an incorrect conclusion about what an elephant is based on the limited information they have. The man touching the elephant’s tail concludes that an elephant is like a rope, while the man touching its tusk believed that the elephant was […]

Weird Wearables

It’s OK to be into gadgetry, but the onslaught of wearables with sometimes dubious benefits is enough to make even the most enthusiastic of techies shake their heads. If you really want a wristband that will shock you to break you of bad habits, no one will stop you—but for most of us, these wearables […]

Time for a Résumé Makeover?

By Sarah K. White It’s just good practice to keep your résumé up to date. If your résumé maintenance has fallen by the wayside in recent years, the document is probably overdue for a makeover. Read on to see what experts have to say on the subject and how you can avoid common mistakes.

Detection, Not Protection, Is the Key to Cybersecurity

By Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes IT leaders should expect that, despite their best efforts, their cybersecurity protections will fail. This inevitability points to an important truth—in order to be successful, security must be a proactive endeavor rather than a reactive one. In other words, where protection will fail, detection becomes the best strategy.

IT Must Think Like a Client

By Mike Sisco IT leaders constantly strive to provide better service to their customers, and the first big step in improving service is understanding the client’s needs. To that end, IT needs to walk in its clients’ shoes and understand their perspectives and perceptions about IT support’s role and function in the business.