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Tablet connected to VPN on office desk

Use a VPN to Stay Anonymous Online

Let’s begin by imagining a normal day at work. It’s likely that you are using the internet to share important data across your team and with your clients. In the middle of your workflow you get a push notification prompting you to update your computer’s software. You’re busy so you elect to do it later, […]

Businessman using laptop with smartphone and tablet beside cappuccino

How Anonymous is Your Online Presence?

Although it is nearly impossible to remain completely anonymous while using the internet, there are certain steps you can take to better protect your accounts against a cyberattack or security breach. For instance, while you’re using a web browser to search the internet, whether that be Chrome, Safari or Firefox, are you aware that it […]

AI Will Steal Jobs, but Plenty of Good Work Will Remain

By Maria Korolov As the workforce evolves and automation and artificial intelligence (AI) play more prominent roles, many human workers have a very legitimate fear of becoming obsolete. However, while many tech leaders do agree that AI will eliminate certain job roles, there will be plenty of good work left for humans to perform.