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Need for Skilled Cybersecurity Professionals Isn’t Going Away in 2019

One of the biggest news items of 2018 was the massive and still growing gap between organizations looking to hire skilled cybersecurity professionals and their overall dearth in the job market. This gap continues to expand in spite of the effort of corporations and governments around the world to steer people into cybersecurity careers. Recruitment […]

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IT Leaders Prioritize Security in Hiring Decisions

The shortage of qualified cybersecurity experts has been building for quite some time, and the effects are far reaching. The availability gap will only grow as security, cloud, and digital projects in U.S. companies expand. According to Robert Half Technology’s latest research on the state of tech hiring, six out of 10 (60 percent) IT […]

Where Are IT Leaders Happiest?

Being an IT leader isn’t easy—yet chief information officers (CIOs) tend to be a pretty happy crowd, a new survey has discovered. The study also found that 10 cities stand out among the rest when it comes to content IT leaders, with Miami, Boston, and Des Moines leading the way.

IT Hiring Priorities for 2017

By Sharon Florentine According to new research from Robert Half Technology, 2017 will remain a “stable” hiring environment, with a focus on security and upgrades to existing IT systems and infrastructure. Might these trends apply to your own company’s IT hiring strategy in the new year?

Will You Be Getting a Raise Next Year?

By Ann Bednarz The short answer for IT is probably yes. Workers in the technology field are predicted to receive an average of a 3.8% increase in pay in 2017, with certain roles forecasted to receive even more. Data scientists, web developers, and big data engineers in particular can look forward to the biggest potential […]

IT Networking 2017: The Top Jobs and Skills

By Ann Bednarz Opportunity in the IT sector continues to grow, and it looks like 2017 will be no exception. Networking in particular can be a lucrative field—the low end of the 2017 salary range for a network architect is $125,000—and what’s more, employers are more willing to negotiate pay rates for these in-demand positions.

Video Interview Bloopers

By Sharon Florentine Video interviewing has become a popular method of interviewing new candidates—and it’s starting to rack up quite the blooper reel. From pets and children suddenly taking a starring role to family members stepping out of the shower in the background, some video interview mistakes are downright cringe-worthy.