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IT Spending Strategies

By Mary Shacklett When it comes to IT spending, too many companies try to run before they can walk, expediting projects and new technology investments so they can more quickly demonstrate the value of these initiatives. However, it may be smarter in many cases to slow IT spending, optimize budgets, and control costs.

The Evolving Priorities of IT Leaders

By Mary Shacklett The role of IT leader has grown more and more complex—and it isn’t getting any easier. The administrative demands in particular (including such things as contract management and compliance) have grown more demanding and intricate, leading many organizations to reinvent IT administration.

A Major Shift Is Coming in ITSM

By Thor Olavsrud The IT service management (ITSM) community has stepped up the collection of performance data from its customers, but it has dragged its feet on the next step—applying data-driven automation. New research suggests that this next step may happen in 2 years, and this signals a major shift.

Using Training—Not Hiring—to Fill IT Gaps

By Jason Hiner The large number of unfilled IT jobs, as well as a growing technology skills gap, is causing headaches for many organizations. Recruiting new talent is usually the instinctual reaction to the problem—but it’s not always the best solution. In many cases, companies would be better off training their current employees in new […]