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Mall Security Officers Face Many Challenges

As shopping malls grow in size and sophistication in the United States, mall security officers need to have a wider set of skills to be able to respond to incidents ranging from a lost child to a riot by groups of teenagers, to a mass theft, to gang activity. While malls may have professional security […]

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Need for Skilled Cybersecurity Professionals Isn’t Going Away in 2019

One of the biggest news items of 2018 was the massive and still growing gap between organizations looking to hire skilled cybersecurity professionals and their overall dearth in the job market. This gap continues to expand in spite of the effort of corporations and governments around the world to steer people into cybersecurity careers. Recruitment […]

Where Are IT Leaders Happiest?

Being an IT leader isn’t easy—yet chief information officers (CIOs) tend to be a pretty happy crowd, a new survey has discovered. The study also found that 10 cities stand out among the rest when it comes to content IT leaders, with Miami, Boston, and Des Moines leading the way.