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The Value of EAP Referrals for Troubled Employees

Security professionals may not realize the depth of support they can get from the employee assistance program (EAP) that serves to support their company’s HR department. There are many misconceptions about EAP use, which security directors and managers can help alleviate when talking to employees with behavior issues.

The Wild West of SaaS Security

Rogue applications are everywhere within companies, thanks to shadow IT. In order to tame this wild proliferation of unauthorized software, IT leaders must turn to new tools in order to protect company data.

Your Digital Transformation Reading List

By Alison DeNisco Digital transformation requires a great deal of alignment between IT and the business as a whole, and it’s also becoming a necessity to succeed against competing companies. The books on this reading list can help you implement or improve your own digital transformation efforts.

Be a Digital Winner

By Alison DeNisco Far too few organizations are fully taking advantage of the digital economy, and there is plenty of opportunity for IT leaders to become digital winners in this landscape. Ensure that your digital leadership is successful by increasing diversity, developing executives, and engage in improved digital decision making.

10 Hard-to-Fill IT Job Roles

By Sharon Florentine There are certain roles that are more difficult to fill than others, and it can be especially tricky in IT. Researchers have pored over more than 40,000 job postings to determine which are the most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill and have come up with 10 of the hardest-to-fill roles […]