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Adapt BYOD Policy to Account for Tech and Culture Change

Over the last decade, Silicon Valley’s constant drive to innovate has led to the development of ever-faster, more powerful ultra-portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. These network-hungry devices are ever-present, with more and more employees expecting mobility as part of their day-to-day work life.

Security Technology

3 Big Mistakes That Could Doom Your Security Technology

The technological landscape has changed drastically since the turn of the century. With thought leaders in Silicon Valley and young entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the technology marketplace through continual development, it seems like there is no end in sight to these changes. One outcome of this ceaseless development is that C-suite security and information executives […]

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Researcher Finds Anonymous Social Network Blind Leaking Data

Thousands of employees that didn’t want to take their workplace problems to HR have turned to technology to air their grievances, like that provided by the anonymous social network Blind. Blind is an app-based platform that lets employees from the same company anonymously connect with co-workers to discuss problems at their workplace without fear of […]

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YouTube Addressing Security Concerns as Part of Campus Expansion

The ease with which a disgruntled content creator walked onto YouTube’s property in San Bruno, California, last April and opened fire on employees shone a bright light on existing security issues inherent in Silicon Valley’s open campus culture. Tech companies have long desired to create a workplace that attracts the best talent, particularly the Millennials […]

Sunset over San Jose

The YouTube Shooting and Workplace Culture in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technology in the United States, was built upon, and still thrives on, open exchanges and disruptive thinking. These tenets are woven into the cultures of many workplaces and serve to foster radical innovation and attract the best talent they can. This was all brought into stark relief in the days […]

GE Is a Top Victor in the Tech Talent War

General Electric (GE) is taking no prisoners in the very competitive war for top technological talent—it is even poaching the most elite engineers from other top technology companies. How does GE do it? With offers of big challenges, attractive innovations, and big compensation packages.

Acing Those Weird Interview Questions

Tech companies in particular are notorious for throwing curveballs when interviewing new job candidates. The questions can be interesting sometimes … or they’re just plain annoying. Here are a few tips on handling tough interview questions when you pursue your next IT opportunity.

Coding: The Next Big Thing for Blue-Collar Workers

By Clive Thompson Technology has changed the economic landscape of the entire world, and some have benefited from this shift far more than others. As more blue-collar jobs are lost to automation and artificial intelligence, there may be a way that technology can help things—Why not make programming a vocational skill?

Achieve More with Fewer Resources

By Alison DeNisco It’s been commanded of IT departments, it seems, from the very beginning of corporate IT: Do more with less. There are ways to pull it off, however. In his new book Stretch, Rice University management professor Scott Sonenshein explains how to use constraints to make your company more creative and adaptable.

Knock It Off, Silicon Valley

By Mike Elgan Silicon Valley may be considered the world leader in technology innovation, but it tends to do things that can annoy many tech pros. As one writer puts it, “I love you, Silicon Valley. You know I do. But there are a few things you keep doing that exasperate everyone.” Read on to […]