Tag: Silicon Valley

The Digital Workplace

By Clint Boulton According to research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), innovative companies are overhauling their offices and upgrading their technology systems to create business agility. If your company is considering a move towards this open, collaborative, and totally digital atmosphere, your IT department will be right in the middle of all the […]

IT’s Work/Life Balance

By Alison DeNisco At many companies, IT workers put in the longest hours and are almost always on call—it takes a lot to keep an organization’s technology running smoothly! However, this lack of work/life balance can be problematic all around, leading to health issues for employees and turnover issues for companies.

Interviewing Women for Your Department? Don’t Ask These Questions

By Sharon Florentine The technology industry has been trying to make up for a lack of diversity in recent years, including gender gap issues. However, when interviewing women, certain questions are off limits, especially queries revolving around marital status, children, or family.

2016 Internet Trends

By Ina Fried The Internet is a constantly evolving entity, and trends are changing. One report on 2016 Internet trends has recently been made available, and it reveals slowing growth, new takes on messaging, and how text search is becoming obsolete.