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European Water Utility Hit by Hackers

Water utility networks and control systems were recently targeted by hackers in Europe, highlighting the growing cybersecurity threat to infrastructure. The attack was of particular interest because the culprit was somewhat unusual—cryptocurrency mining software.

Top Ten Security Challenges for 2018 (Part 2)

The new year brings new security concerns, some of which are just different variations on a similar concern. Despite massive federal, state, and local law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and surveillance efforts, lone wolf mass attackers and cybercriminals continue to plague our nation.

Google Employs a Navy SEAL as Security Director

Continuing a trend seen in many large and multinational corporations based in the United States, Google employs a former U.S. Navy SEAL as its security director. Like other organizations that hire former or retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Secret Service field office directors or senior supervisors, Google is taking advantage of the extensive […]

Security Podcaster Blazes the Trail for Information, Awareness

Chuck Harold’s career took him from law enforcement to the security industry, and he now works as a security consultant and pioneering podcaster. He hosts his national “Security Guy Radio” podcast every Monday at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time. Harold has recorded over 600 episodes, and his guests have included a wide range of security experts […]

Al-Qaeda Uses Its Inspire Magazine to Teach, Recruit, Scare

The use of printed propaganda from warring nations is not new, but the emergence of groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS using an extensive array of social media postings and creating printed matter to be distributed is both novel and alarming. Al-Qaeda’s publication of a glossy magazine they call “Inspire,” is used to educate potential recruits, […]