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Social Engineering Means Cybersecurity Depends on Human Resources

Some believe that our increasing reliance on technology has lessened the importance of humans in today’s workplace, but just the opposite is true. Although technology can help us work more efficiently, humans remain the central motor that drives all endeavors forward. This means human resources (HR) must play a role in cybersecurity.

Google’s Titan Security Key Now Widely Available

You may remember a news item that made the rounds a little more than a month ago about Google prevented phishing attacks on its more than 85,000 employees by changing how they deployed two-factor authentication (2FA). Rather than relying on one-time codes sent via text or through an authenticator app, they began requiring employees to […]

Is Your Enterprise Hardware Working for Cybercriminals?

The dramatic rise in profile and value of cryptocurrency over the past year has helped drive the development and deployment of malware. Now, in 2018, it appears that threat actors are pushing more for a persistence model of generating income through their malicious activities instead of an immediate payoff. With this shift, it appears that […]

Yes, a Drone Stole Data from a Blinking LED

As IT leaders well know, it’s getting harder and harder to make pretty much any device secure. It’s getting tougher when even air-gapped systems are vulnerable. True, it makes hackers work harder, but a recent experiment shows that malware can help a drone read a computer’s blinking LED light through a window.

Yes, You Must Now Secure ‘Air-Gapped’ Computers

By Jack Wallen There was a time when so-called “air-gapped” computers (i.e., those not connected to a network) were considered—and were—impossible to breach. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case, but here is some security advice for those who deploy air-gapped machines.

Mergers and Spin-Offs: IT Leaders and Change Management

By Clint Boulton Whenever a merger or a spin-off occurs, IT finds itself in the middle of all the chaos. Two IT leaders have unique insight into how to manage the change—one facilitated a company’s split into three separate businesses, and the other had to coordinate a merger in a very short period of time.

Locked PC? This Backdoor-Installing USB Stick Doesn’t Care

By Andy Greenberg The list of things you can do to protect a PC just keeps getting shorter and shorter. Even if you lock your computer before turning your back on it, there’s still an unlikely vulnerability—its USB ports. Social engineering hackers can now plug in a device that will install backdoors quickly and discreetly.

Detection, Not Protection, Is the Key to Cybersecurity

By Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes IT leaders should expect that, despite their best efforts, their cybersecurity protections will fail. This inevitability points to an important truth—in order to be successful, security must be a proactive endeavor rather than a reactive one. In other words, where protection will fail, detection becomes the best strategy.