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The C-Suite Is Hopeful for IT’s Future

A survey of more than 500 C-level executives in Europe and the United States reveals that they are hopeful about the future of technology. They are also interested in automation and cite data security and client retention as top priorities.

Philip Kushmaro writes, “In spite of uncertain political and economic times, the vast majority—an astonishing 91.4 percent—of C-level executives are hopeful about the future of technology in their businesses.

“This surprising finding was revealed by a recent survey of more than 500 C-level executives across Europe and the United States, conducted by for Christian Steven Software. The international survey described the priorities, concerns, and expectations for technology that are driving business decisions across industries.

“Despite the cautious optimism, nearly half of top executives still expressed concern about a disruptive company entering their industry and cutting into their market share. Even more interesting given recent concerns about data security from the retail industry to politics, over half of respondents (54.8 percent) rank data security as one of their top three priorities.

“‘Our study allowed us to take a close look at the business and IT concerns that top executives are focused on, allowing us to provide the best BI reporting,’ said Christian Ofori-Boateng, CEO of ChristianSteven Software, a leading business intelligence provider. ‘We learned that even during these times of political and economic uncertainty and technology, American and European executives are cautiously optimistic. Some fear competition from a new market disruptor or automation, but most are hopeful about the role technology will play in their businesses moving forward.’”

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