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The Class of 2017 Is Unprepared

Recent studies are demonstrating an enormous disconnect between what companies expect of their entry-level IT hires and the skills and experience new graduates will actually have when they transition into the workforce.

Sharon Florentine writes, “The Class of 2017 graduates in just a few weeks and will enter the IT job market, but they may be in for a rude awakening, as new iCIMS research reports that their skills and education aren’t aligning with what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in entry-level talent.

“The research, the Class of 2017 Job Outlook Report, which polled 401 U.S. college seniors and 401 recruiting professionals between March 6 and 17, 2017, reveals that while 91 percent of college seniors polled think they have the skills necessary to land the job they want, a whopping 98 percent of recruiters receive résumés from unqualified applicants.

“Furthermore, 62 percent of recruiters surveyed think these entry-level applicants need to improve their familiarity with the companies to which they’re applying, as well as brush up on industry and market knowledge, before they head to an interview.

“That’s setting new grads up for a harsh reality and a rude awakening, says Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at iCIMS. ‘It’s a great juxtaposition between what the Class of 2017 thinks is waiting for them and the reality of the job market. Seniors are overconfident, but the fact is, a bachelor’s degree on its own isn’t competitive anymore. While it will get you in the door, recruiters are telling us they still have to teach new grads business skills, that they’re lacking in certain hot certifications, even that their salary requirements are off the mark,’ Vitale says.”

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