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Is the Cloud Putting IT’s Job at Risk?

A cloud trends survey from ScienceLogic shows that cloud deployment is huge … But many IT pros feel that they don’t have the necessary skills or access to the right tools to manage this trend, and it’s putting their jobs at risk.

Conner Forrest writes, “The cloud is quickly becoming an unstoppable force in the enterprise, but some IT pros fear they could lose their job because of it, according to a new report from ScienceLogic. The company’s 2017 Cloud Trends Report, released in mid-April, examined the cloud’s impact on IT jobs, as well as the changing data center environments in business.

“According to the report, 28% of IT pros are concerned that the growth of cloud infrastructure adoption could put their current job at risk. The main reasons why are because of improper tools to manage the cloud (50%), insufficient knowledge of where to migrate workloads (37%), and lacking the skills to confidently lead a cloud deployment (31%).

“However, the cloud is bringing other challenges to IT as well. Some 56% of survey respondents said that were unable to verify their public cloud consumption, and only 37% of respondents could track the historical performance of their public cloud products. Additionally, 72% said they either didn’t have processes in place to handle cloud sprawl, or didn’t know whether they did or not.

“The cloud is also impacting the way that enterprises approach infrastructure. Some 40% of respondents noted that their data center footprint has been shrinking over the past 3 years. Also, 42% said that more than 25% of their infrastructure is in the cloud, up from 33% last year.”

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