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Google, Get More Boring with the Cloud

By Matt Asay

When it comes to the cloud, businesses aren’t interested in flashy, edgy, or innovative. They want a cloud service that is practical, predictable, boring, and—most of all—secure. This may be why Google, with its emphasis on innovation, is losing out in the cloud services war.

Matt Asay writes, “Google’s biggest challenge in the cloud has nothing to do with tech, and everything to do with dull. That is, can Google’s gaggle of propellerheads build safe, boring cloud services that stodgy enterprises will embrace?

“So far, the answer is no, with Google’s cloud business collecting just $500 million last year, according to Morgan Stanley estimates, compared to Amazon Web Services’ nearly $8 billion (and Microsoft® Azure’s $1.1 billion). But this may be changing.

“At GCP Next, the company talked enterprise on and off the agenda, and trotted out mainstream enterprise case studies to complement its longtime strength in core technology.

“To win, and win big, however, Google is going to need to fixate a bit less on the gee-whizziness of its technology and instead learn to be boring.”

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