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Management: A Mix of the Entrepreneurial and the Corporate

By Mary Shacklett

Looking to land a new IT management job? Companies are looking to hire managers with a good balance of qualities. The killer combo is combining innovative entrepreneurial instincts with experience that is grounded in corporate discipline.

Mary Shacklett writes, “She was a wild-eyed innovator who broke all of the rules of good science and traditional business protocol, but her zany ideas morphed into products that were highly successful commercially, and that delivered great value to customers. He was a staid application developer who carefully tested all of his code before placing it into production, ensuring that the software met all security standards, was compliant with industry regulations, and had been vetted through every internal corporate checkpoint, including legal.

“One day, both résumés arrived on the desk of company X’s human resource manager—and were promptly tossed in the round file.


“The job opening that company X’s HR was looking to fill required an entrepreneurial thinker who could probe new realms and come up with breakthrough ideas, but the same individual also had to have enough grounding in corporate culture to be sensitive to compliance, security, governance, and the buy-in of other business units.”

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